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Investor Information

There are three areas where an investor can participate with AMXGlobal in its Medical Plazas around the country.

  1. As a Physician Surgeon in an Ambulatory Surgery Center along with ownership of the real estate.
  2. As a Physician Surgeon in an Imaging Center described herein this site where he does not refer patients (Stark Laws)
  3. As a Physician (specialist or general practitioner) in AMXGlobal's anciliary buildings of the master planned development around the Ambulatory Surgery Center building.  The physician can own his or her space they will occupy in condo fashion or on a lease-to-own agreement.

Further, the Physician can own the entire building (6,000 - 10,000 square feet) or invest in all the real estate to be developed around the Ambulatory Surgery Center building as a limited partner.

  • The investor can invest in the ancillary real estate development around the centered Ambulatory Surgery Center building.
  • The investor can invest in the Imaging Centers.
  • The investor can invest with AMXGlobal developing these centers around the country in 25 states as an ongoing association.

There are opportunities for investors that are not in the field of medicine or real estate development

Contact us for other investment opportunities.

Don't miss an opportunity to invest in real estate where lenders consider Physicians in a category of borrowers who have less than one percent default rate!  Contact us now and investigate this opportunity by clicking on the "Contact Us" link.