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Ancillary Development Consideration

Multi-Modality Imaging Center

Great needs exist for multi-modality medical outpatient diagnostic imaging centers that offer a portfolio of products and services especially as an integral part of the Surgery Center Development. This allows imaging at the finger tips of the Surgery Center Surgeons.

Its Imaging Centers will capture up to 20% of the market share in an eight to ten mile radius of all scans. It will provide superior services and the latest state of the art imaging equipment for physicians and patients.

MRI-based, multi-symmetry, image fusion technology used specifically for Breast Imaging will make the center a one-stop, comprehensive breast cancer screening and detection services provider.  Its approach and technology will reduce the time of Breast Cancer diagnostics, detection and treatment; giving way for physicians to plan treatments from a typical 20 weeks experience today, to less than one week for the ultimate in diagnostic diagnoses.

In contrast to hospitals, women's centers and other outpatient imaging centers, we will house the first all-in-one diagnostic center under one roof.  The Center will address teh need for general radiology (2nd High Field MRI, 32 Multi-Slice CT, Cardiac, OB and General Ultrasound, digital bone densitometry, digital mammography with CAD and molecular imaging, Nuclear Medicine/Spect).  The Center will be open for extended hours from 7 to 7 on weekdays and weekends to reach patients more conveniently.  The Center will provide imaging reports electronically to physcians on the same day the patient is scanned via secure email, web site delivery and image reports sent to PDAs.  A key efficiency for the operation is the grouping of multiple diagnostic images and reports on a single visit to the Center.


Pain Management Center

The development will provide a state-of-the-art Pain Management Center.  The Pain Management Center will consist of six to ten thousand square feet of the first floor of a multi-specialty surgery center or in a separate satellite building in the case of a single specialty Ambulatory Surgery Center development.  The Center will be staffed by attending board certified physicians in their various fields, diagnosing and treating pain disorders.

Typically, pain management includes behavioral health counseling, physical therapy and massage therapy.  Consultations will be available for patients who are experiencing significant pain following surgery, trauma, or medical illness.  The operation will provide an array of services to assist physicians in managing their patients with acute and chronic pain.

Additionally, the Center will provide back, neck and musculoskeletal pain, areas of special excellence including postherpetic neuralgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, peripheral neuropathology and facial pain syndrome.

The Pain Center provides comprehensive pain management with psychology services in addition to medical and interventional pain management.  The services offered at the Pain Center are tailored to individual needs and include initial evaluation and treatment of a variety of pain syndromes.  The Pain management Center will work in partnership with referring physicians who consist of neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, primary care physicians, oncologists, urologists and a multitude of other specialties while maintaining independent ownership from the Surgery Center.

The Center will provide the community state-of-the-art facilities, offering the community and patients services to provide comprehensive, efficient care.